Privacy Policy

 This protection strategy applies to all private data that you provide to us through the website https://www.hitvarab.com/. This protection strategy aims to enhance your confidence in the security and security of your private data.

 How we manage the customer data you provide to us

By entering customer data, you agree that we may store your customer data for our benefit or through departments of an external organization that process that data for our benefit.

Depending on the provisions of this Privacy Policy, we may share your Customer Data for associated purposes.

Create, select and transmit content and media in audio, video, print, web, broadcast or any other arrangement relating to news and recent developments for educational and transformational purposes; or for data collection purposes; For publishing purposes

- Direct promotion research, including factual investigation into customer behavior, which we may present to outsiders in a non-individualized and comprehensive manner.

- Identify problems with our websites, applications or services; Plan work on our websites, applications or services; Create new websites, applications or departments

To enable us to comply with any legal requirements that may be imposed on us; and to send you occasional correspondence (including email) about details, items, departments, events and unusual offers.

Communicate with you using all means (including email, telephone, SMS, personal organizations, post and private messages) to inform you of news and other data that may be of any interest to you, provided that such exchanges follow the law; Stay connected to data as required; If necessary, obtain your early informed consent

We may disclose your customer data to outsiders

To host a third meeting, we sometimes send you exchanges of messages about exceptional decisions, objects, administrations, events and proposals for us.

If we buy or sell any business or resources, in which case we may disclose your customer data to a potential buyer or dealer of that business or property.

If a third party claims all or a substantial portion of our Resources, in which case the Customer Data you provide to us will be transferred to the third party as a benefit to the transferred Resources; And

If we want to disclose or share your customer data

Complies with legal obligations

Apply or enforce the terms and conditions or perhaps other arrangements; Or thereabouts

Protect the privileges, property and security of us, our clients or various clients

We may also disclose your Customer Data to any organizations related to the media spaces, wherever such organizations are located on the planet, and under any circumstances.


You may notify us of any updates, changes, or corrections you make to the Customer Data we have recently collected by using the contact structure interface in the “Contact Us” section of the Site.

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time, so you should review it from time to time. Your use of the Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed website and its accessories confirms recognition of the security strategy that was active at the time.

We reserve full authority to change, modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time.